Tagung / Conference 2015

Responsibility and Resistance: Ethics in Mediatized Worlds

The international experts conference “Responsibility and Resistance: Ethics in Mediatized Worlds” took place at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, on December 10-11, 2015. It served as the inaugural meeting of the Interdisciplinary Media Ethics Centre (IMEC) and was jointly organized by Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Karmasin and Dr. Tobias Eberwein (Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences / Alpen Adria University), Prof. Dr. Friedrich Krotz (University of Bremen / Priority Program “Mediatized Worlds”) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Rath (Research Group Media Ethics, University of Education Ludwigsburg).

The conference brought together researchers that systematically illuminated mediatization from a normative perspective. Key questions of this symposium were: What are the most problematic forms of mediatized communicative actions, communication technologies and communication structures from a moral point of view? How can we discuss responsibility for and resistance against these forms of mediatization? Which normative principles can be made plausible?

The full program is available on the conference website.